Who We Are

In April 2009, a governing council was established consisting of three representatives from each of the identified touring sub-sectors (producers, presenters, tour coordinators) as well as an observer from each of these groups. An independent Chair was appointed and the project is staffed by
a part-time Manager.


Rachel Healy
Email: rachel[at]pata.com.au


Merryn Carter
Email: merryn[at]pata.com.au


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Vision Statement

The Performing Arts Touring Alliance (PATA Australia) is Australia’s peak body for the performing arts touring sector and is regarded nationally by Governments and all stakeholders as the industry leader responsible for nurturing a performing arts touring industry that is:

  • Vibrant,

  • Coordinated,

  • Stable,

  • Sustainable,

  • Accountable,

  • Efficient and

  • Effective.

PATA is inclusive and representative and draws on expertise from across the field of performing arts in Australia and internationally.

PATA is a cohesive and objective voice for Government and key stakeholders providing quality and informed policy advice and industry perspective.


PATA Objectives

To build on the success of previous practice and programs to support the delivery of national touring of professional performing arts and to respond to the new opportunities this success has created.

  • To support and develop sustainable, consistent, reliable, and accountable delivery of professional performing arts product across Australia.

  • To embrace the diversity of the sector and promote mutual respect among stakeholders.

  • To provide a forum and process for the timely addressing of difficulties between stakeholders.

  • To facilitate the participation of all stakeholders in the development of policies and strategic direction for national touring. 

  • To build on and expand the potential for synergy between presenters and producers/artists to improve outcomes for Australian audiences and the industry as a whole.

  • To provide objective and effective advice on behalf of the industry in respect of national touring and to provide authoritative and representative advice to government to assist in their policy development and funding prioritisation and delivery.

  • To be the primary place for benchmarking, research and advice for the national performing arts touring industry. 


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